They said it wouldn't work

Boy, did we prove them wrong!

For any use Imaginable

Using our crane to get this bathtub out of the parking lot *not recommended for use on humans*

Loading a Boat using the Winch

The winch can be mounted to nearly any point on the rack so that anything can be loaded with ease. The midpoint is used here to lift an aluminium boat straight into tie-down position

Overhauler in the Autumn

Now you can load up to go to the lake with ease

Overhauler in the Autumn (2)

From doing patios and driveways, and hauling parts for your heavy equipment, all the way to loading your toys, the Overhauler takes you from work to play

Exploring the Possibilities - Ep 01

So what can the OVERHAULER really do? Find out here

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