Overview: Grab handles, remote, pinch guards...
Welded Cleats

Tie Down Cleats

Cleats welded directly to the truck rack provide a way to secure your cargo using any type of tie down, whether they are bungee cords, ratchet straps, or rope.

12vdc Hydraulics

12 Volt Hydraulics

The 12 volt hydraulic power unit can be mounted directly on the base rails of the truck rack, or on the truck's frame underneath the truck box for a custom install. Mount an additional battery to power the pump directly, or run power cables from the one under your hood. It's totally flexible.

No-Drill Clamps

No-Drill Installation

A simple yet flexible clamping system allows for easy and secure mounting on virtually any truck bed, even trucks equipped with factory accessory rails.

Flip Bar

No-Compromise Design

We took great care in designing the truck rack to offer maximum flexibility without encroaching on bed space or limiting the functionality of your truck. The rear crossbar can be used to support longer items such as ladders or lumber, and can be flipped forward to leave the box wide open.


Applications include loading ladders, lumber, canoes, fishing boats, construction materials (pipe, tubing, conduit), and other long or awkward items. When equipped with the optional winch package, the OVERHAULER becomes a portable crane, allowing you to safely load items up to 400 pounds into and out of your truck bed, including plate tampers, transmissions, engines, snow machines, dirt bikes, and more. The OVERHAULER can even be used in place of automatic boat loaders, the initial design goal of our rack.

Accessory Compatibility

Headache Rack Compatible Tonneau Cover Compatible

The OVERHAULER truck rack is compatible with certain existing truck accessories, such as headache racks, tonneau covers, tool boxes and box liners (both spray in and plastic). Some modifications are required to mount headache racks, however provisions are provided on all of our racks to accept them. Soft tonneau covers can be secured directly to the base rails of the truck rack. Some tool boxes may be compatible for certain truck box & OVERHAULER configurations.

We are currently working with a partner company to provide custom, direct bolt-on headache racks.

Please contact us for more information regarding accessory compatibility. We are working on providing a comprehensive list of dimensions to assist in determining which accessories may be used with our racks.